Volunteering in Jubilee Country Park


A map of the park identifying entrances, car parks, meadows, ponds and woodland can be seen in the Location page.

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the Gallery. You can find more pictures of our work in the park on our Flickr pages.  Just search for Jubilee Country Park.

Volunteers meet every Monday (excluding Bank Holidays and during the month of August) to help with the management of the Park under the guidance of Andrew Harby, our Community Manager from idverde for Bromley Council.

Work Programme for September 2017

Meeting Point Proposed Main Tasks - situation permitting 
04/12/17 Thornet Wood CP Scrub clearance
11/12/17 Thornet Wood CP Scrub clearance            
18/12/17 Alan's path Sapling removal and clearing
25/12/17   No work
- It's Christmas!
01/01/18 No work!
-It's New Year
08/01/18 Blackbrook Lane CP
 Work on Marcus Pond
15/01/18 Blackbrook Lane CP
 Pond management
22/01/18 Thornet Wood CP
 Ditch work and scrub clearing
29/01/18 Tent Peg Lane CP
 Coppicing woodland work
05/02/18 Thornet Wood CP   Glade & woodland work
12/02/18 Thornet Wood CP   Woodland work
19/02/18 Blackbrook Lane CP  Woodland work
26/02/18 Tent Peg Lane  Post & rail

Volunteer Work Days at Jubilee Country Park 

High Elms Country Park Office 01689 862815, mobile 07464 989094

Workdays run from 10am until 1pm, with the option of  working until 2pm for those who wish to.  Work tasks may change if urgent repairs need to be done or because of the weather.  The meeting points will not change unless otherwise informed. 

In the event of bad weather, it is your decision if you wish to attend.  I will go to the meeting point as planned.  If a work day is to be cancelled, I will try and do this on the Sunday.

 My mobile number is  07464 989094, which I always carry with me on site at Jubilee Country Park.  Please note, this phone doesn’t work at High Elms (poor reception) so if you need to contact me there, phone the office on 01689 862815.  

And some notes on Health and Safety (I saw you roll your eyes!)…

Remember to wear layers.  As cold as it can be in the winter, you often get warm quickly when you’re working and if you can shed a few layers it helps.  

Remember how muddy the site can get in the winter – you might want to wear wellies, particularly if we are working in ditches, or in the meadows on the south side of the site.

Steel toe caps – it is your choice, but it is strongly recommended that you wear safety boots on work days.  Particularly for woodland work.  You can get decent walking-style boots with toe caps in from around £25 upwards.  If you want to know where to look for them, let me know (Cotswolds don’t usually have them).  (You should also wear toe caps when using a mattock, mell, sledgehammer etc.)

Safe working distances – we’re a healthy sized group these days, which is great but does mean we have to be careful when we’re working all together.  Just keep in mind safe working distances.  For swinging tools like a slasher that is two arm widths apart from the next person.  And please remember that if you are felling anything taller than your head you must call out before it falls.  You never know who might be standing underneath it!  

Andrew Harby

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