Jubilee Country Park Digital Nature Trail

The digital nature trail in Jubilee Country Park features 16 observation points each with an individual QR (Quick Response) code. Use a smart phone to scan the code, view the website, and you can choose a unique wildlife audio-visual presentation specific to the season at that observation point. Autumn is available now. The presentation includes new information which complements the original trail.

You will need a smartphone with access to the internet and, preferably, earphones. The trail itself is two miles long and each presentation lasts between one and three minutes. You don't need to cover the whole trail in one go!. Each presentation stands on its own.

The complete set of presentations which make up the trail can be viewed here at our dedicated nature trail website

The digital trail has been created by the Friends of Jubilee Park (FoJCP) led by Susan Folkes; with pupils from Bromley High Junior School guided by Sheetal Kowalczyk, their science teacher. Dr Judy John, of Bromley Biodiversity Partnership provided her knowledge and expertise for the content. Phase 1 “Autumn” is now available, work is progressing on a Summer trail for next year, and plans are in place to create a Spring version for 2020.   

Community Web Kit provided free by BT