by Susan Folkes

A view of Ray's Pond after the rains by Hugh Stewart

Thank you Hugh for this lovely picture


Bat and Moth Walk on Sunday 30th July 2017

Our thanks to Bill Welch who was responsible for trapping and identifying the moths on this very well-attended event. He has sent us this report and photographs taken at the site. He has also supplied a spreadsheet showing the names of the moths and their larval food plants which can be found on the Wildlife page. 

"There were 27 moths of 13 species, quite good for a short period of trapping with a low-powered trap.  Nothing out of the ordinary arrived, in fact most of the food plants were within arm's reach. The little Straw Grass-veneer on a grass stem I photographed before I set the trap.  There were dozens of them in the grass, easily disturbed by a walker.  All the others were photographed in or on the trap."

The Moths

 Agapeta zoegana  
Cloaked minor 
 Agapeta zoegana
 Blastobasis adustella Cloaked minor 

Dingy Footman 
 Common Rustic agg. Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix   Dingy Footman
 Epinotia nisella  Eucosma hohenwartiana  Straw Dot
Straw Grass-veneer  Willow Beauty  caddis fly  - unknown type

The Trap

"The trap was a Skinner type with a 15 watt actinic bulb, which gives off most of its light in the ultra-violet.  The construction is extremely simple and the whole setup, including a battery good enough to power it all night if necessary, folds down into a bag I can carry in one hand.  (It is quite heavy, though.)  The other bag in the photo of the trap contained a couple of moth books.  And I carry my camera in a shoulder-bag."

By Bill Welch

Thank you to our Sponsors

Our nature trail has recently been updated thanks to Dr Judy John and Jennie Randall. Due to the Petts Wood Residents Association (PWDRA) who funded the printing, new leaflets are available at local libraries and at our "talks" events. New posts were recently erected by the work party and identification discs were paid for by ENBRO. The leaflet is also downloadable from the "What's On" page.

The pond interpretation board has been looking a little tired and weathered lately. Thanks are due to Langford Walker Grosvenor House and The Acorn Group who are funding an update. This will be installed as soon as possible.

Our New Community Manager

We would like to welcome Darren Russell from idverdi who has taken over from Sue Holland as our local community manager. Sue Holland has been looking after us in that role for several years now and she will be greatly missed. Sue has gained a well-deserved promotion to Senior Community Manager at idverdi and will still be very much involved with what goes on in the park.

Darren is no stranger to the Friends groups as he is social secretary for the Friends of Hoblingwell Woods and has also been very active in the Friends Forum, Bromley.

Here we have him briefing the work party on Monday morning!

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