by Susan Folkes

Autumn is upon us and the colours in the park are lovely.  Fred O'Hare has sent us some pictures of the famous great-crested newts taken during the pond survey. Note that you need a license to handle these protected species.


and we also have some pictures of the regular heron visit to Ray's pond in the company of a pair of mallards. Please keep your pictures coming or post them on our Facebook page.


Tony Ruffle and Marcus Jordan have been busy throughout the summer counting butterflies on the regular butterfly transects and an comparison of how the numbers have fluctuated over the last 13 years can be seen in the graph below. A comparison of how two frequent visitors - they gatekeeper and the meadow brown is also shown.

The complete data showing all butterflies counted from 2004 until 2016 is shown in the wildlife page.

The Autumn Newsletter for 2016 is now available on the Reports page.

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