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Bromley Friends Forum

The Friends Forum of Bromley Parks and Green Spaces works in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley and their green spaces management company, idverde, to create a better environment for all. Each Friends Group within the Forum helps care for a specific park or green space in the borough. Through the partnership, users and visitors to our community get a greater say in what goes on in their local areas. There is an open committee meeting every month which any member of the Friends groups can attend,.

Bromley Parks Website

The new Bromley Parks website, hosted by idverde, is now up and running.  Its address is  It is still early days for this development and all comment, corrections etc. would be gratefully received.  Please take a look and email idverdi contact with any updates you would like to see applied.  If you could copy Forum into these mails that also be most helpful.  As well as general information about our parks the website gives details of events around the Borough and provides the mechanism whereby the various licences for hosting events can be applied for.

National Council for Volunteer Organisations

The NCVO champions the voluntary sector and volunteering because they’re essential for a better society.Each day, millions of people make a difference through voluntary organisations and volunteering. 

"We have a diverse community of over 12,000 member organisations – a third of the voluntary sector workforce in England. We help them thrive by providing expert support and advice, by saving them time and money, and by keeping them up to date with the news that affects them…. We’re here to help our members make even more of a difference.We champion the voluntary sector by connecting, representing and supporting voluntary organisations. We work to help voluntary organisations and volunteers make the biggest difference they can."

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

RSPB  events are open to everyone and the Friends of the Park would be very welcome to attend any of them. More details are on our website at 

The RSBP local group lists the birds that can be see in Jubilee Country Park. Elsewhere on the site you can also check out the bird song!

Butterfly Conservation

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