Woodland Trail

The Woodland Trail is an ongoing project to provide a wheelchair-accessible circular walk in Jubilee Country Park. In 2016 we gathered over 300 signatures in support of the idea. This is a progress report as at May 2018.

" It is two years since we collected signatures in support of a circular wheelchair accessible route in Jubilee Country Park. Where are we now?


The surface of the route needs to be consistent with the designation of our park as ‘a rural and working landscape' so don't expect a pavement. There are still some issues which are outlined below. However, the route is in place and has been tested by some of our wheelchair-bound supporters. Manual wheelchair users may require assistance, especially in bad weather. The gradient between the nature trail posts 4 and 5 has been reduced to 1:15 and the rougher paths have been overlaid with fine scalpings. The path, where it crosses the bridle way, can get muddy in bad weather and we are looking at ways to alleviate this. The surface in Thornet Wood car park is bad but we are assured that Bromley council have promised to resurface.  A soon as possible, with the help of a generous grant from the Walnuts Community Fund, we will be installing an information board at Thornet Wood car park entrance and way-marker signs directing you along the 'Woodland Way'."


Meanwhile, on a good day, you can follow the route from Thornet Wood car park. To travel anticlockwise, enter the park at the radar gate, turn right at nature trail post 6 and follow the way-markers for the nature trail. These will take you uphill between posts 5 and 4 to post 3 where a turn left will take you back to the car park or turn right to the picnic area and to see the history information board at the old gun-site. 


To travel clockwise, enter the park at the cycle track, go through the radar gate and turn right at nature trail post 3 (or continue to divert to the picnic area, nature trail post 2 and the gun-site information board). Follow the nature trail way-markers, downhill between posts 4 and 5, to post 6 where you leave the nature trail by turning left and continue until you return through the second radar gate to the car park.


We advise manual wheelchair users may need assistance. 

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