Information about Jubilee Country Park

Jubilee Country Park was purchased by Bromley Council to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II which was celebrated in 1977. Originally, the park was used as a gun emplacement site during World War II and, after works to adapt it to become a park, it opened without ceremony, in 1981 as Jubilee Park. You can read more about the fascinating history of the park and the local area in Jennie Randall's booklets. Please see the Shopping page to find out where you can get your copy.

 In July 1983, to avoid giving the impression that Jubilee Park was a formally laid out area in common with some other municipal parks, it was decided to add “Country” to its name.

In 1996 Jubilee Country Park was designated as a Local Nature Reserve. A plaque to commemorate this announcement may be seen at the Alan’s Path pedestrian entrance to the park on Southborough Lane (almost opposite the Harvester Public House).

 On the 11th September 2003 the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Jubilee Country Park was held to encourage local people to get involved in all sorts of ways to improve the park for both wildlife and people. The Friends work with, and under the supervision of, the Countryside Officers from Bromley Council’s Countryside & Parks Department to help maintain and preserve this wonderful park for all to enjoy.

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